The Growth Record of Twin Cubs Born to a Chengdunese Giant Panda in Japan
Date: 2015-02-15


The twins were born on December 2, 2014

On December 2, 2014, Rau Hin, a giant panda that was sent to Japan from Chengdu, successfully gave birth to a pair of lively and healthy twins in “Adventure World” of Shirarahama, Wakayama, Japan. At birth, the elder sister was 181g with a total length of 22cm, while the younger sister was 186g with a total length of 21cm. Under good care of Mother Rau Hin and the breeders, the twins are more than 40 days old now. Let’s see their growth process.

The 1stWeek

The most dangerous time in the life of a panda cub is during the first week after birth because they lack of resistance and have incompletely developed organs. After one week, the twins are normal and full of vigor, suggesting they have passed the most dangerous period.

The 2nd Week

During the second week after birth, a lot of melanin has accumulated in the fur follicles of the eye sockets, ears, four legs and shoulder girdle of the twins, with sparse hairs on their bodies.

The first month

The fortieth day

The twins are in Mother Rau Hin’s arms


Now, after forty days have passed, the twins do not have obvious little tails, but denser fur all over their bodies. The fur on their eye sockets, ears, four legs and shoulder girdle gradually grow black. The twins have grown into giant pandas that look familiar to us. Let’s wish the sisters to continue growing happily and healthily under good care of their mother Rau Hin and the breeders.



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