My Two-Year Old Birthday Party
Date: 2018-07-03

Hi, everyone! I am a lovely male panda called Wen Wen. June 14 is my birthday, and I am looking forward to that day for a long time. Now it finally comes! In the early morning, panda keepers spend about one hour to clean and wash the glass house for us. 


After that, they begin to decorate my house with bamboo shoots which is my favorite food.


Here comes my birthday cake!


Two Baskets of Bamboo Shoots in My House


A Close look of my birthday cake: Look, my birthday cake is over there!How cuteit is! Thanks to panda keepers from the Panda Kitchen.


  Finally all set! Panda keepers are calling me out! I am so excited when I see many panda fans coming to celebrate my birthday.


  After a while, I move to another place to eat bamboo shoots which is next to my birthday cake.



Lying and eating are my most comfortable poses.(Wen Wen is the on the right.)


  At last, panda keepers also prepare another surprise for me: big apples!



  Guess whether I get apples or not this time?


Is this me?


Where am I?


  According to panda fans data: Ya Yun gets 2.5 apples; I get 1.5 apples; and Yuan Yue has 1 apple. However, Cheng Shi and Ya Zhu get none.


  Actually, I get two birthday cakes today. One is from the Panda Kitchen made from ice, carrot, watermelon and bamboo leaves. The other one is from panda fans, who buy
a beautiful cream&chocolate cake for me, though I can not eat. Thanks my fans! And thank all the people who always be my back! I will be healthy and happy! Always!


Two Cakes




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