Funny & Lovely Panda Xi Lan
Date: 2018-07-25

Recently, a short video from panda fans on the internet showing Xi Lan hiccups occasionally during his breakfast makes Xi Lan much more famous. Panda fans have expressed their kindness immediately, “panda baby, take your time!”, “It’s a brand-new experience for me. It seems that he had a really bad time, but pal, I have to say, he gets the funniest looks.” In the video, the adorable Xi Lan is enjoying the steamed bread while cleaning her body and hiccupping, so pathetic and interesting.





“Wait, who is Xi Lan?” Surely you have no answer. In fact, Xi Lan is our leading role, who is the representative of fairy and beauty with her white fur. Then why he is called Er Ye? Let us have a quick introduction of Xi Lan. Xi Lan, a truly overseas returned panda baby, was born in August 2008, Atlanta as the second baby of Lun Lun, a giant panda in USA, so he is called the Er Ye (the 2nd Master). In May 2014, Xi Lan returned at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. His grandmother is Bing Bing, the “Cool Grandma” and his elder brother Mei Lan, the ambassador of “Earth Hour”, all famous stars!


In the morning, bamboo in a heap on the ground is the favorite scene Xi Lan wants to see.


Which one do you like? Panda Xi Lan? Or bamboo? I choose panda Xi Lan in the bamboo!


Have a short rest. Eating is hard.


Xi Lan likes to sleep with his face down. What a lovely panda!


Xi Lan chooses a quite secret place to poo poo though he is a boy.


He has a very cute and plump back!


But who knows his past behind the glories? The lovely & funny panda Xi Lan was very naughty when he was with his mother Lun Lun in Atlanta. Lun Lun is well known for her Devil’s Training. One time, Xi Lan wanted to give her a hug from her back, but was thrown from the shoulder! Or he was kicked off from the swing when he was having a rest on it. What a poor baby! But it didn’t mean Lun Lun did not like her baby, on the contrary, it’s her unique way of training. Lun Lun took her mind off the pressure with a carefree knockabout so panda baby would get stronger day by day. Till one day, they are imperceptibly influenced by this way and know to fight back opponents.


Now Xi Lan is living in the Adult Panda Enclosure at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding most of the time. Playing, walking around the playground leisurely, taking bath and chasing peacocks are his everyday schedule. These days, he has a new entertainment.


Xi Lan’s stunt show with his 105kg body—continuous roll, with head in his hands.


Xi Lan is nearly 9 year old, the golden age to make babies. Come on! Xi Lan! Do not waste your time! Follow your brother Mei Lan, to be a great father! It is hoped to see his babies are as beautiful as him.


Thanks for the photos and videos contributed by the net friend @Ai Gun Gun Ai Ao Pang and @clover-nan, and your passion to giant pandas and their conservation. 




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