Happy birthday, Li Li!
Date: 2018-09-10

Li Li, who turned to 26 years old on September 3, 2018, is already among the oldest pandas in the world. It has a legendary experience. For example, it spent several years to visit South Korea, and it almost came to see its ancestor due to its severe illness. But thanks to the meticulous care of the veterinarians and panda keepers, it survived. Afterwards, it bred Wen Li, Ya Li, Ai Li, and Oreo.


Early in the morning, the torrential rain didn't stop fans of Li Li from celebrating its 26th birthday at the Chengdu Zoo. The zoo provided some materials such as watermelons, carrots, apples and panda cakes to help panda fans to prepare snack cakes for Li Li. After the necessary cleaning, panda fans wore gloves and masks and threw themselves into making snack cakes.



 Preparing Snack Cake for Li Li



Successfully -Made Snack Cakes


At 9:30 am, under the expectation of many fans and staff, Li Li finally took a leisurely pace, appeared slowly in the glass house. It walked around the house first, and then looked up to see the excited crowd outside. After that, it sat next to its luxurious double birthday ice cake and enjoyed it. The birthday ice cake was so well-prepared that it made of many fruits, such as watermelons, grapes and so on. Li Li nibbled at it happily, and seemed to enjoy it very much.



After eating the ice cake for a while, it was snack cakes’ turn. Li Li had two snack cakes, and which one would it pick first?


Get that right?


Look how happy Li Li is eating!


Li Li is eating the second snack cake.


The panda fans are so busy to watch and photograph Li Li.


The volunteer tells some tales while the panda fans watching Li Li enjoying ice cakes.


After eating the two snack cakes, Li Li took a break. Then it started to have the daily diet, some fresh bamboo shoots prepared by the panda keeper. In terms of its body shape, it is chubby and healthy. It eats well and weighs more than 110 kilograms, maintaining the standard weight of adult giant pandas.



There are tires, plastic balls and other facilities for Li Li to play.


Li Li is as lively and active as a child. I sincerely wish it youth, health and longevity. Happy birthday to Li Li again.






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