Is the Giant Panda a“Big Fatty”?
Date: 2018-09-25

Speaking of giant panda, I believe what comes to our mind must be the adorable, cute and black-and-white“national treasure”. Of course, some guys will think that giant pandas are “big fatties” who only sleep andeat. But what on earth is the fact? Are giant pandas really as fat as they look like? Today, let the writer take all of us to check it out and find whether giant pandas are fat or not.


“Panda”, “I seem to hear someone saying I’m fat?”


In the 24-hour life of giant panda, half of the time is spent on eating, and another half on sleeping. But of the establishment of this schedule is notjust because they are lazy. To investigate its germ, the food – bamboo, which they take in, shall assume the most responsibilities. Bamboo has few nutrients and low heat.At the same moment, the digesting system of giant panda is also poora lot, which only takes in 17 to 20% of the heat after a meal. In comprehension of the two reasons above, they can only reserve energy depending on dining time after time and reduction of exercise. That’s the way in which they can keep the configuration of “big fatty” to adapt to the tough living conditions in the wild. So, in our eyes, giant panda seems like a “big fatty” spending a whole day eating and sleeping.


A little tired while eating, a break now and then


A pancake right now while resting


A ball while sleeping


Although giant pandas seem chubby, their bodies are extraordinarilysoft and flexible. No matter when they have meals or sleep, they can show abundant poses. If you insist, our giant pandas won’t be convinced at all!


Sit-ups, doing exercisessince childhood


Chin‐up, come on!


Go off the tree upside down, no difficulty


Also “fight”on the tree


Raise a leg to scratch when tired


Don’tcall me, I’m tired and want to have a rest on the tree


Having seen so many pictures, you must have found that giant pandas havesimple, cute appearance and apparently chubby body, but they are actually flexible fatties who are very flexible and vigorous insports. As for the reason inside, it’s neithera practice of yoga nordoing exercises like human do. The reason why giant pandas are very flexible with such a big bodyis that they have very little subcutaneous fat in fact. Most of the parts is muscle, especially the forelimbs used to climb trees, which are the strongest, sothey are very good at playing various kinds of Kung Fu.Do not be cheated by their round and silly appearance, guys.They just look fat. In fact, these pandas who are called “big fatty” are all 100 percent “Muscular Pandas”.


Last but not least, the writer also wants to tell you that if you want to see flexible and vigorous giant pandas in hot summer, please try you best to set out in the coolest morning or go to the cool indoor enclosure to look for their forms. Babies won’t wear thick “coats” to keep us in company bathing under the sun.





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