The New Residents of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Date: 2020-02-25

Since Xining Panda House opened on June 16, 2019, four giant pandas -- He Xing, Shuang Xin, Yuan Man and Qi Guo -- have made public appearances and started a panda craze there. This is the first time thatgiant pandas have been moved to the plateau. In order to catch a glimpse of them, not onlydo the local citizens come to see them continuously but also a lot of tourists from other placesareattracted by them. It seems that the charm of the "national treasure" will not decrease with the high altitude. They have becomethe new stars and people love them very much. 


Look at the panda house they live in! The house is built like the shape of a mountain.The design is exquisite and beautiful. The air is fresh and the trees are green. Even though it is early autumn, the entire house is full of vitality.


A cartoon imageof four giant pandas stands at the gate of the panda house.


The environment of the panda house is quite good.


After entering the house, the first thing we can see is the playground of Yuan Man and Qi Guo, which have two venues for rotating use. 


Yuan Man and Qi Guo were born in the same year and now they are still living together.They are so close that they not only eat together, but also rest together. However, when it comes to the distribution of apples or bamboo shoots, things will become totally different.


Yuan Man and Qi Guo are snoozing together.


Yuan Man is sitting in front of Qi Guo.


Yuan Man: Emm, this is what I want.


Qi Guo is eating bamboo shoots.


The bamboo shoots all over the playground are ours.


Sitting and Eating


Sometimes they playright after a friendly meal.


Look at He Xing! He is eating bamboo shoots near the platform.When we tried to call himby the tone of the panda keeper, he really stopped a few seconds. What a clever boy!


He Xing is the only male among them. As a boy,he adjusted to his new homefaster than Shuang Xin.He appears very generous to visitors and sometimes you can even have eye contact with him.




Prepare to go to bed.


Lying comfortably


Stand straight to get apples and steamed bread.


Shuang Xin is quite cool. Most of the time,what we can see is herback as she likes to sit facing the wall. The most active time for Shuang Xin is the feeding time and big red apples and steamed bread appeal to her irresistibly.


The first day


The second day


Sitting behind a tree will not blockherbeauty.


Still with her back to us, with a slight inclination of the head.


Eating Steamed Bread


Although Xi Ning is located on the plateau, the altitude and temperature are quite suitable for giant pandas. Summer here is cool and winteris snowy.Giant pandas likethis kind of environment very much.Xining Panda House is also equipped with a fog curtain on the wall of every playground, which can improve the humidity when the weather is dry. He Xing, Shuang Xin, Yuan Man and Qi Guo are taken good care of by their keepers. We hope they enjoy their plateau life and grow healthy there!






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