“Fat Baby”—Mei Lan
Date: 2020-06-30

The year 2016 is known as the "harvest year" of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. In this year, 23 panda cubs were born. Among them, there are numerous "famous" cubs, such as Fu Shun who "fell into fame", Qi Yi with“ WiFi”, the cub of the grey family Cheng Shi, and the protagonist of this article - the first cub of Mei Bang, “fat baby” Mei Lan.


Give me five!


Since the internet name is mentioned, you can't stop talking about the origin of this net name. Because she  was the first cub of Mei Bang, a member of the “Bang Family” in Japan, before the birth of Mei Lan, there were already many “enthusiastic people” on the Internet who could not wait to discuss the cubs name. Finally, the name is“Fat baby Mei Lan”, which is kind, concise, easy to remember and catchy.


“Fat baby”: what’s Mei Lan? Can I eat it?


When it comes to recognizing pandas, apart from the unique characteristics of individual markings, such as the top of the head, the gray hair of the young, the face, shoulder strap, eye circles, and elements such as mouth and nose are used to distinguish and identify individual cubs. However, there are always exceptions. The birth of "fat baby" allows us to find a new way to recognize pandas. This is - eyes. When the "fat baby" was just born she was known as "fox face". As she grew older, the "fox face" became a fluffy "faceted face". In addition, the "fat baby" turned white eyes is also quite good, so "eyes know panda, only this one."



fox face?





You are the “fat baby”


Born at the end of May, "fat baby" is a female. As time goes by, the advantage in her size is gradually more obvious than other cubs. However, the advantage of body shape did not bring about the growth of other skills. At the age of four months, the "fat baby" still could not stand and walk, she could only crawl on the ground.



However, the excellent genes will not be wasted. The nine-month-old "fat baby" can stand by herself.





"Fat baby" is good at opening the door to enter the indoor enclosure ...










“Fat baby" has her own unique greeting method. When the staff entered the playgroud, she usually used hericonic eyes to look at them, and then slowly walked away, as if to say: "Hey, you Come again~~”.










If“ Fat baby” has nothing to do, she can play with roots for a long time.










I wish “Fat baby" will always be so smart and intelligent, always so comfortable.




“Fat baby”is always watching you





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