Arrogant Jiao Ao
Date: 2020-08-11

Jiao Ao was born in 2016.8.15, his mother is Da Jiao, his sister is the famous Nan Nan. He is only 4 days older than Cheng Shi, who is the youngest cub born in 2016. When other panda cubs could run and play, he could only just lie down basking in the sunshine.


Four month old

Jiao Ao is eating bamboo shoots.



Jiao Ao is staying around the pool or playing in the pool.




Taking a bath


Playing with Fu Lai


Jiao Ao looks cute, but he is very good at "fishing". When he finishes his own apple and panda cake, he likes to "rob" others.


Jiao Ao stands up to get panda cake.






Jiao Ao  is "robbing" other panda.


Jiao Ao : one more please!



Jiao Ao  and Shuang Xiong


Lately, Jiao Ao and Shuang Xiong have gone to live in a zoo in Hainan province to help raise awareness for giant panda conservation. We wish these two boys the best health and happiness everyday!


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