NanNan's troubles about fat
Date: 2021-06-25

The year 2020 is passing very fast and it's halfway through in a fraction of a second. Nan Nan of Chengdu Zoo is also trying to think about her life recently. Sigh, time passes too fast. The epidemic is not over yet, but Nan Nan feels she has become fat and that she must start thinking about how to lose weight. But the giant panda is a cute animal that is famous for it’s chubby face. Can you still see its face after losing weight? As the days pass,Nan Nan's chin pointed a little,Nan Nan’s keeper began to worry and though about adding some bamboo to her diet, so that she won’t lose her weight.


Nan Nan:Look at my belly!


My sadness is so big!


I've heard that exercise can help to lose weight. Maybe I can try weight lifting? 




Look at my cute face and tell me what can I do? ! 


I'm really sleepy! 


I don’t have any energy, how can I lose weight! I'd better have a bite of bamboo first!


Eating is so exhausting, I have to lie down! 


Nan Nan said that losing weight is not easy, she felt so tired. A fat giant panda is very lovely, so why should I lose weight? ! Doesn’t everybody agree with me?


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