Nifty Cheng Feng
Date: 2021-08-25
Cheng Feng, the sister of the ultra-light giant panda cub Cheng Lang, weighed 171.9 grams at birth, which is in the normal range. Although not as famous as her sister when she was young, Cheng Feng also has her own charm. Ordinarilyshe sometimes appreciates flowers and leaves, and will sometimes climbtrees and play, showing her own nifty loveliness, wherever shegoes. Sometimes, even if she just stays quietly somewhere, shecan hardly hide her own style.
Giant pandas all love bamboo shoots. The sweet bamboo shoots deeply attractCheng Feng, shecannot help but stop to taste them.

Cheng Feng:It tastes great!
As a girl, in the aspect of tree climbing, Cheng Fengisin no way inferior to boys.
Cheng Feng:Does everybody feel my cuteness?
Ascend a Height and Enjoy a Distant View
Sometimes, in order to conserve energy, Cheng Feng will hold a posein atree for a long time.

The landscape here is beyond compare!
On hot days, Cheng Fengwillplay in the pool, letting the cool water quench the uncomfortable heat.

It's so cool!

After the bath, she will close hereyes and take a rest
I believe that with the passage of time, Cheng Feng will become cuter and cuter. Here,we wish Cheng Feng can live smoothly andcontinue to grow happily!
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