Bao Ge’s Comfortable Life
Date: 2021-09-03
Bao Ge is the oldercub of the set of panda twinsthat had the heaviest birth weight amongst the global captive population.He is over one year old nowand is a lively and lovely giant panda. .He lives at ease and at peace with everything.In the face of fame from his enthusiastic fans, Bao Ge is a little shy.

There are so many people, I can't bear to look. 

Take a look, is the crowd gone?
Forget it, let's say hello to the enthusiastic fans and visitors.
If you want to have a happy and comfortable life, satisfying your appetite is naturally an indispensable condition.As a senior foodie, Bao Gealso exploresdelicious food all the time.

Nibble on a small stump 

 Taste a fragrant grass.

 The twigs taste good too!

 Chew and chew.

Bamboo shoots are my favorite! 
In addition to eating, Brother Bao will also choose a quiet place to stay and rest in his spare time.
 Thinking about his future seriously.
 Bao Ge fell asleep soon after getting tired. 
 If you like Bao Ge, come and visit him!


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