Cheng Lang Climbs the Ladder
Date: 2021-09-09
On a sunny morning, the giant panda named Cheng Lang came to the outdoor enclosure for an early start of a full day.

 Cheng Lang: The weather is glorious, it’s better to catch some rays.

 Cheng Lang;There's something down there
Cheng Lang is attracted by the wooden ladder under his perch after rest. Then, he began to climb the wooden ladder  and start his "journey."
In order to show off his strong climbing skills, Cheng Lang decided to increase the difficulty, he found a twig and took it with him up the ladder.


Cheng Lang: Everything is ready and the challenge begins!

Cheng Lang: Full speed ahead, step by step climb up!

Cheng Lang: I climb slowly, but I never give up!
 He also practiced the "standard smile" as he climbed.

Cheng Lang: Today, do you have a smile?
With his perfect figure, he managed to get through the gaps between the wooden ladders.

Cheng Lang: I can also do lovely somersaults on the wooden ladder!
Finally, he reached the top of the wooden ladder with his own tenacious perseverance.

Cheng Lang: I have seen the dawn of victory!

After climbing the wooden ladder, he fell fast asleep on his perch
After watching him climb the ladder, are you also deeply attracted by his playful and lovely character?


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