Fu Shun's Road to Growth
Date: 2021-10-08

Brief introduction:

As the most famous giant panda cub in 2016, Fu Shun became an internet sensation and an international star for his upside-down pose when taking a group picture with the other panda cubs born in 2016.But how has Fu Shun grown up since then? Let's take a look!

When it comes to the "most beautiful cubs" in the panda world in 2016, it is none other than the giant panda Fu Shun. When the 23 panda cubs born that year appeared for a group photo, Fu Shun became famous for his upside down pose, which made him an internet sensation and an international star loved by millions of people.

The famous photo of "Fu Shun" (photo via the web).


 A short period of time is like a white steed passing by, or so the famous Chinese proverb goes. So how has Fu Shun grown up these last few years? Let's take a look!


 As his name suggests in Chinese, Fu Shun's hair was white and smooth as a cub, and he could be called handsome and talented.


Fu Lai (left) and Fu Shun (right) in 2016. 


Fu Shun in 2016.



Fu Shun in 2017.



Fu Shun in 2018.



Fu Shun in 2019.



Fu Shun in 2020.



Fu Shun is climbing up the stairs in 2020


All in all, the road to adulthood has been safe and smooth for Fu Shun. Here, we wish that Fu Shun will continue to grow one step at a time and grow to be a strong and healthy panda.


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