Jing Bao’s doubts
Date: 2021-11-11

One day in winter, Jing Bao was enjoying the delicious bamboo prepared by his keepers. A sudden scream broke the calm and beautiful moment.


Jing Bao was eating bamboo.


Particularly alert, he immediately pricked up his trademark large ears, trying to identify the source of the sound.


What is that noise?




Let me listen carefully.


I have to go check it out!


Jing Bao walked around the playground several times, carefully patrolling every inch of it. But in the end, he didn't see anything unusual except to find a few birds chirping and skipping around the wooden frame. With his patrol completed Jin Bao went back to eating bamboo. See, the boy has a good appetite!


Umm, after walking, I can eat much more!


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