Panda Jin Bao after rain
Date: 2022-04-07

The rainy season in Chengdu is concentrated from June to August, because of this,steamyis a feature of summer in Chengdu. After a summer shower, the grass will begin to breathe, the air fills with the smell of grass and soil, and the summer heat isslightly relieved. Giant pandas like cool weather. After a rainstorm or shower, they can have a good time on the wet grass and climbing structures. So, what doesa giant panda look like after the rain? Let's have a look at the treasure after the rain.


Jin Bao is the cub of the giant panda Zhao Mei. Hisfur is black and white, which is very popular.


Jin Bao


Jin Bao enjoys the coolness after the rain, chewing the grass lazily on the ground, and doesn't care about the noise and disturbance of the outside world.






 Jin Bao breathes the fresh air, and his furis stained with wet soil, whichlooks like dirty.


Jin Bao: Well, who is calling my name?


After the baptism of rain, the color of the groundis also deeper, and the treasure there brings a trace of vitality to the quietness at the moment.


 Jin Bao curiously smells the leaves.


Jin Bao fetches the leaves.


Jin Bao lies on the perch to rest.


Jin Bao: it's also a pleasure to exercise muscles and bones after waking up.


If you also like the giant pandas after the rain, you might as well visit them in Chengdu in summer!


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