Zhishi and Zhima
Date: 2022-09-30
Where there is Zhishi, there is a high probability that there will be his brother Zhima. Although the twin brothers are over four years old, their relationship is still very deep, and they almost always follow each other at the event venue on weekdays.
The giant panda Zhima has inherited the excellent genes of his mother "Zhizhi", there are many small black spots around his mouth, so he is very recognizable. Zhima has an excellent appetite, is full of vigor, and is naturally big and strong. When eating bamboo shoots, he often reveals a majestic spirit.
 Zhima: "The teeth are good, the appetite is good, the body is good, and all the food's delicious."
Brother Zhishi, as the 2017 class leader, has a very stable personality. When choosing food, he will carefully select and compare many times, and strive to taste the most tender and delicious bamboo shoots.
 Preparation before "eating and broadcasting" - carefully selecting food.
 Zhishi and Zhima do not need to communicate too much when they enjoy food together. They eat bamboo shoots quietly and experience the joy of food in their own small world.
 Handsome Brothers - Zhishi (left), Zhima (right)
Zhishi and Zhima, which "treasure bear" do you prefer?
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