Fu Duoduo on the Tree
Date: 2022-12-19
Fu Duoduo, a giant panda born last summer, can now climb trees with ease. Fu Duoduo on the tree sometimes looks into the distance, sometimes closes her eyes, sometimes looks around, and sometimes falls into deep thought. Now, please follow the author to see the cuteness of Fu Duoduo when she is on the tree!
Leaning on a tree trunk and looking up at the sky
Listen to the wind blowing and look straight ahead
挂Hang on a tree and relax
Sometimes, Fu Duoduo will find the best place in the tree to do what she likes.
Likes to nibble on small tree trunks
Likes to nap on sturdy branches
Occasionally, Fu Duoduo will also take measures according to the "tree" and put on a cute shape.
A lot of luck, a lot of cuteness
Sometimes, Fo Duoduo will feel happy just by staying in the tree, and she will show her face of joy in the tree.
I want to share the joy of staying in the tree with my friends under the tree
When you are happy ~ show a smile
Exploring the big tree may only be a small step in Fu Duoduo's growth. I believe that in the future, the lovely Fu Duoduo will definitely find more fun in her life. Here, I sincerely wish Fu Duoduo a successful life, a lot of luck, and a lot of happiness!
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