Love Without Borders:A Special Postal Parcel from Austin Montessori School
Date: 2017-08-24

  Recently, a postal parcel from the after school program named Clubhouse of Austin Montessori School has reached Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation. Why is this parcel so special? Because it contains a lot of items, including a letter from Mandy Weeks, the leader of Clubhouse, a beautiful hand-made card signed by all the classmates, and a bill of exchange. It’s the first time for our Foundation to receive an overseas donation in this way.


  According to Mandy Weeks’s letter, the donation (398 US dollars ) was collected by all the children in Clubhouse who hosted a Holiday Bazaar to raise money for charity last year. In this bazaar, the children sold some forms of arts and crafts which took them a few months ’s labors. After that, they brainstormed the issues which charities should be given to this year. This year, they felt passionate about working to change and they researched charities that do work in those areas. When they had a list of charities, they voted to decide to whom they would donate their earnings, and what percentage of proceeds each charities would receive. All the charities that they support based on their interests. At last, the children chose to donate some of the proceeds from the sale to our foundation. They were so happy to be able to support the hard work done by the Foundation in the conservation of giant pandas and other endangered species. 



This card signed by all the classmates from Clubhouse is so lovely. The Chinese words above the panda means we love giant pandas!


The letter is signed by Mandy Weeks, the leader of Clubhouse.


The hand-made arts and crafts in the Holiday Bazaar.


  Now their donation information has been released on our official website, and they can check it anytime. In the meanwhile, the charity invoice, certificate and a note of thanks to all the classmates and teachers of Clubhouse have been sent by mail. We sincerely express our appreciation to them for their hard work in the Holiday Bazaar and their generosity. It is hoped that they can share the concepts of giant pandas’ conservation, propagate the protection of giant pandas through active promotion and pay continuous attention to our pandas!


Filling in the certificate.




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