“Panda Class”for Xinguidong Community in Xindu
Date: 2020-01-13

On August 4, 2019, some instructors of our Panda Foundationcame to the "Koala's Home" Community Children's Service Center in Xinguidong Community, Xindu District, Chengdu City, and brought a wonderful panda class to the children and parents.


The panda classwas divided into two parts. Atfirst, the Panda Foundation instructors prepared alecture for the students with rich and interesting contents.Considering the age of the younger students, the pandainstructors taught the children about panda food, which was easy to understand, so that the children could understand the daily diet and some living habits of pandas.Theyalso introduced theanimals that shared thesame habitat and wild environmentwith giant pandas. At the end of the introduction, they called on the students to protect the giant panda and the environment together.


Children also learned more knowledge about giant pandas through the model presented by theinstructors.


Studentsand parents attended the panda class.


Panda class begins!



The students raised their hands and answered the questions correctly.



Students answered manyquestions.


A student was participating in an activity.


Students received gifts for answering questions.


The students and parents played educationalgames.


A Panda Foundation instructorusesmodels to teach the students.


A Panda Foundation Instructor gives gifts to staff of the Koala's Home Community Children's Service Center.


During the second part after the class, the school teachers prepared drawing paper for each child. Under the guidance of the professional drawing teacher, the children began to draw lively and lovely panda pictures.




The students were focused on drawing.


A group photo of the participants


A group photo of the staff







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