I Am the Master of Cuteness
Date: 2014-07-22

Hello all panda fans sitting in front of your computers! Today, the talent competition “I Am the Master of Cuteness” begins! We have advertised it for a long, long time.


Today all pandas are trying to act cute…


First, welcome San Er! This baby is one of the best. She is the little angel that was the only survivor among the triplets. Her red hair is her specialty.


Next, welcome our Xi Xi Princess. Her natural shy smile increases her popularity.


Then we have Ming Ming! She is very curious with great cuteness.


Nan Nan wants to join the competition. She is a little girl with so much charm.


Hmm…We can’t find the proper words to describe this panda cub… So, we will leave it to you to describe it.




Meng Meng plays hide-and-seek before the camera lens…


Well, what is the result? Friends sitting in front of computers, which cub do you think is the Master of Cuteness?




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