Red Panda Twins are Born in Chengdu
Date: 2014-08-12

At approximately 4 am on June 14, a red panda gave birth to twin cubs in the Red Panda Delivery Room of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Because red pandas have a strong sense of protecting their cubs, we refrain from disturbing them too much in order to prevent them from abandoning the cubs following over-protection. Therefore, it’s not easy to see what a newborn cub looks like. With new technologies, we have solved this issue. Now, I will share some photos of the red panda female’s process of giving birth to its cubs (please understand that we can only take black-and-white photos through infrared imaging due to problem of light).


The red panda mother was trying hard to give birth. (Come on!)


Amniotic fluid has flowed out (the position pointed as the arrow), and the little baby could be born at any time.


However, the position of the fetus was not good; its body came out first and its head was stuck in its mother’s body. (Hoo…Mommy, let me go out quickly!)


Thankfully, the cub made it. (Wow…The world outside is wonderful, woo..!)


Then a second cub appeared. The hero mother gave birth to twins!!!!


The newborn babies are wet all over. To ensure their body temperature, the mother will continuously lick the babies, making them feel safe and warm. (Don't worry. The mother will take care of the twins in turn. It's very difficult!)


The red panda mother has many things to do, especially for the first ten hours after giving birth. During that period, it can only instead of soundly. It watches the cubs carefully and reacts to any sound.


After about four or five hours later, the babies become furry. (Laying in a good position to allow the babies to nurse freely, the mother takes the time to sleep.)


The mother also must eat, drink, urinate and defecate. She takes care of these matters when the babies are asleep after they nurse..


Babies at the age of one week look cute and fresh. (In the photo, we can see their faces with dainty and cute nose and black eyes as small as soybeans. They’re so cute!)









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