The Later Life of Giant Panda Li Li
Date: 2015-01-06

Giant panda Li Li began to live a “retired” life on the Base this year. She has a legendary life. When she was young, Li Li was a sickly beauty whose weight did not increase all the time. With the efforts of experts of the Base, she finally put on weight and became healthy. She has given birth to a total of four babies in three pregnancies in her later years. Now, Li Li is 22 years old, equal to an age of more than 60 human years. We wish Li Li good health and a long life.


Li Li is nursing two young pandas in the panda cubs’ park.


Li Li is eating steamed bread with her children.


With the help of the breeder, Li Li is showing her children how to build the muscles of their arms and legs.


Li Li is enjoying her “afternoon tea”.


Li Li is leisurely taking a walk in the sub-adult pandas’ villa alone.


Li Li who looks still attractive is waiting for the desserts from the breeder.





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