The Story of the “Aunt with White Gloves”
Date: 2015-02-25

Many of us cannot tell giant pandas apart when they are together. However, the heroine of the story to be told today, a giant panda named “Si Yuan” has never been mistaken by viewers. How can this happen? What is special about “Si Yuan?”


Si Yuan, the “Aunt with White Gloves”

Let's carefully observe “Si Yuan’s” appearance. Does she possess any special features? Yes she does. The most obvious are the her white front paws; they should be black but they are white. And “Si Yuan” was given the nickname of “Aunt with White Gloves.”

“Si Yuan” had a happy childhood, but this was many years ago. “Si Yuan” lived together with “Jing Jing”, the mascot panda of the Olympic Games, and “Yong Yong” and “Lan Zai”, a panda from Lanzhou Zoo until 2007. In that year, three-year-old “Lan Zai” returned to his hometown. “Si Yuan” is one year older than “Jing Jing”, but her body size is just half that of Jing Jing’s and her weight is 10 kg less than Jing Jing’s because she was particular about food and ate slowly.

Sub-adults “Si Yuan” and “Jing Jing” lived together peacefully and did not disturb each other.

As she grew older, “Si Yuan” gradually learned the preciousness of food. She began eating all her food and little by little developed a full and found figure.

Si Yuan is not a picky eater anymore

In the summer of 2013, “Si Yuan” took over the care of a panda cub named “Yuan Run” born in 2012 to mother “Yuan Yuan.” They lived at Moon Nursery on the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Although Si Yuan is not the natural mother of “Yuan Run”, she bore the responsibility for raising and teaching “Yuan Run”. Luckily, she has strong mothering instincts and raised “Yuan Run” unequivocally, though “Yuan Run” is not her own cub. Every day, they ate slept and exercised together. They were as close to each other as a natural mother and cub.

Mother “Si Yuan”, you press down on me!”

“Yuan Run” lies behind “Si Yuan” in the sun.

Room. She usually goes to the playground outside Sun Delivery Room where she sometimes strolls around the yard, looking up and staring at the trees and sky; sometimes she plays with the cudgel. Of course, her most important activity is eating.


“Si Yuan” likes to exercise very much, and is very active. She usually eats after she exercises, which makes her healthy all the time. I sincerely wish her a happy, peaceful and worry-free life.


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