Doing Exercises with Yuan Zhou
Date: 2015-03-10

Hello everyone! I’m Yuan Zhou who everybody loves. Today please don’t just sit and lie on the couch. Shake your body with me. Let me see your paws.


This is the “fitness equipment” specially designed for me by my nanny. I like it very much. But certainly I like to eat steamed bread on it better.


Please get ready. Your postures must be beautiful when doing exercises, for example, like mine.


Do you see my waistline and figure? Don’t you envy me? These are the results of daily exercise.


Follow the bread on the string and move your body like this, back and forth, back and forth, BangChaCha, BangChaCha.


Next, stand upright raising your right paw and stare at the tasty bread.


Paw up, but not too hard.


Then raise the left paw, and raise your head. Good stretching!
Hi! I also have long legs.
Haha! I got the bread as well


The last step is for me to enjoy my food. You continue to exercise and I will eat my bread. As the saying goes, exercise can only be done when you are full, right? Thank you for watching. See you next time.





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