Beauty in Bath
Date: 2015-06-15

Hot summer came again. As is widely known, giant pandas can stand a freezing winter but not a scorching summer, which is the toughest season throughout the year for them. For wild giant pandas living in wild field, they can move to a higher-altitude area for avoiding summer heat. Giant pandas living in pens, however, have to choose other methods to avoid summer heat. In order to avoid sunstroke, these giant pandas generally would go back inside their rooms where there are air conditioners if the temperature is above 25℃.Yet their methods of avoiding summer heat are not limited to relying on air conditioner. In summer, to have a cold bath in the open swimming pool in one’s own backyard seems also quite pleasant. Let’s have a look at this one:


What a terribly hot day! I can’t help panting even when lying beside the pool.


It’s truly comfortable to soak in the water


Wash my body first


Then my feet


Sis, is the water cool?


I won’t tell. You’ll find it out if you come down yourself!


Don’t leave. Come take a bath with me together!


Hum, I knew you’re a coward who is afraid to come into the water!


Here comes the beauty out of the bath!


See, am I whiter than before?




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