“Mei Tou Nao” and “Bu Gao Xing”
Date: 2015-08-19


Although they live together, Yuan Zhou and Jiao Qing have their own distinctive personalities. Yuan Zhou is passionate and careless and moves instinctively like a running rabbit, while Jiao Qing is somber, cheerless and usually looks dissatisfied. However, the pandas still tend to play with each other.


Every day they “wrestle” with each other.
Today, it is Yuan Zhou who begins the interaction.


During the wrestling match, the action changes.
Mother: Yuan Zhou, it looks like you are playing by yourself and acting cute.


Yuan Zhou: Jiao Qing, Jiao Qing, look at how I twist my waist. Haha! you cannot do this.
Jiao Qing: I don’t care.


Yuan Zhou: Did you see it? See, one hand stand.
Jiao Qing: … I can’t be bothered (as she strolls away).


Yuan Zhou: Haha! I can turn a somersault next. Look! He has no idea that Jiao Qing has walked away.


Yuan Zhou: Hmm, Jiao Qing? Where are you?
Jiao Qing ignores him.


Yuan Zhou: Jiao Qing, where did you go?


Yuan Zhou: Jiao Qing, hug, hug, hug…
Jiao Qing: Why can’t he leave me alone?


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