Little Spotted “Pig”
Date: 2016-01-22

Who is the most adorable creature in the world? It must be this little spotted “pig”!


The real name of the little spotted “pig” is Oreo, a super star these days. He is really adorable, especially hiw little snout. Still, at times he hides his snout.


His snout is out. It is time to take photos! Wow! He looks like a little spotted “pig” with black and white fur.


His small eyes seem to open slightly. “Who is taking pictures of me?”


However, he fails to wake up and continues to sleep…
And continues to dream…


It’s time to take a candid photo, but it seems that his paws are trembling.
“I feel good”, he says, stretching and saying “hello!”


“Wow! I am very confortable. I am very cute, so please take photos! It is you that is moving, my paws are not trembling.”


In a short while, the little spotted pig is asleep again.


A few moments later, he begins to snore.


“Sleeping is the most important thing I do.”

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