Jia Pan Pan and Jia Yue Yue at The Toronto Zoo
Date: 2016-04-28

Jia Pan Pan and Jia Yue Yue are the male and female twins born to mother Er Shun five months ago at the Toronto Zoo. This week they made their public debut.



They play with each other in their viewing box.


The male twin, Jia Pan Pan, likes to play on the floor.


He loves to climb in and out of the big black tub.


And he likes to climb on the logs in his room.


Sometimes he pretends to be a sloth and hangs upside down from the log.


The female twin is Jia Yue Yue and she likes to climb. She climbed to the highest part of the climbing structure to talk to her mother Er Shun.


“Mom, are you happy to see me?” she asked.


“Mom, mom, are you paying attention to me?” Er Shun continued to eat bamboo


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