Stories about Panda Eyes
Date: 2018-04-23

“Apricot-like eyes”is a term often used to describe the big eyes of a beauty, then, how about the eyes of pandas? Are they also “full of expectation”? In fact, far from the view, we only see those big black circles without beauty at all.


In addition, “the panda eye” has become a synonym for people who have not slept well and have black rim around the eyes. We often said “One black point destroys all beauty”. The black rims make us easy to ignore the little beauty of pandas’eyes.


Maybe it is just when they show the white of their eyes,that we can see their real eyes clearly, but you know, in fact, pandas’eyes are not only seen when they roll the white parts of their eyes. Today the writer will bring you together to see those details related to the eyes of the panda, which, however,we care little.



“Eh? Are you talking about me? I haven’t rolled my white part of my eyes yet! I have so round and dark eyes, why can’t you see it? Look into my eyes!”


Have you seen the bright and round eyes of the baby panda in the picture above? In addition, they also have a special magical feature, which are the black and beautiful fur standing on the corner of the eyes, which are just the eyelashes we have. These little furs have added a lot of glamour to them.




Oreo, “Are you talking about me? I am the little prince! My two little “eyelashes”are natural, long and warped, that is why my eyes look so bright! Heehee, I’m a little embarrassed to be stared at by you.”




“What? You can’t see it? Here, here, see? It’s so sad that you can’t see my long“eyelashes” ! How about now, are theyclearly enough?”



“Huh? What are you looking at, I want to see it, too... ah! It’s “eyelash”! Do I have this thing? I can’t see it myself. Can you come and help me?”





BeiChuan, “Actually I know I am very beautiful, I also know my “eyelashes”are very long. However, I think the best thing is the apple in my hand, ah! Delicious!”


“Don’t stare atme,I’ll be shy.”


From the above pictures, can you feel the special beauty of the panda’s eyes? The next time you go to see the pandas, don’t forget to observe the small details of the panda’s eyes.


Of course, the pandas’ eyes are still fragile. Please remember, “turn off the flash when taking photos to protect their eyes!”


Special note: The long fur protruding out of the boundary between the eyes and the bridge of nose is hereby described as the“eyelashes” only according the author’s opinion, which is not supported or evidenced through scientific research or books.




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