Giant Panda Star Mother Teaches You How to Eat
Date: 2018-05-29

In the panda world, teaching panda cubs to eat has always been a headache. The reason is that the babies are too naughty to be quiet and they always think about playing. It’s good for them to have a moment of silence. So today we invited a couple of celebrity mothers to teach the panda cubs how to eat gracefully and healthily.


The mother Xing Rong is just the synonym of elegance. It has a girlish look, lovely smiling face, lithe figure and the charm that is revealed in casual. Even her favorite food-small dessert, the red apple the keeper gives her, she eats slowly. It has the habit of biting off the apple, holding halves with two hands respectively, and then eating them slowly with great relish. Every once in a while, she will take care of the feelings of tourists, giving them a face and leaving them some time to take pictures.


“Am I beautiful?”


The mother Qi Fu is very different in the panda world, since she can always be funny in an instant. Look at the way she eats bamboo shoots! She holds the bamboo shoots and then puts the food into her mouth with one hand, while attempting to grasp more bamboo shoots firmly with the other. It’s very efficient! It moves to another place after eating a pile of bamboo shoots. Qi Fu, are you suggesting that it is none of your business? How witty!


The mother Qi Fu had a good time.


Ke Lin has been promoted to a beautiful young woman of the new generation in the panda world after she gave birth to a pair of adorable sisters in 2015. Being a mother, she still looks like a girl, white and tender. She likes to nibble the bamboo slowly, and her expression is incredibly sweet. How beautiful she is!


The mother Ke Lin eats leaning against a tree.


The mother Qing He is skilled and graceful when she eats the bamboo. The hard bamboo pole is a piece of cake in her eyes. She shows that eating bamboo is like sugar cane, peeling first and chewing slowly.


The mother Qing He likes eating bamboo pole


The mother Er Yatou is old, but she is in a good state of mind. She often fell ill at young age. Fortunately, under the experts’ meticulous care, her health was restored, and every child born of her had survived. The mother Er Yatou is beautiful, active and deeply loved by everyone. But sometimes the beauty having retired from breeding now sometimes gives herself extra snacks, in addition to the food that the keeper offers. Watch it carefully kneading the pear, is she afraid of losing it?


“Er Yatou, where did you get the pear?”


Of course, there are some naughty panda cubs in the panda world, but there are also sweet babies, such as Yuan Run, who was raised by the mother Si Yuan in 2013 in the Moonlight Nursing House. The mother Si Yuan taught her carefully and patiently and Yuan Run was very attentive, and soon mastered the survival skill.


Look! How serious Yuan Runis!


Qi Qiao, born in 2014, is also a real good student, for her godmother Cheng Ji did not teach her for a long time before she learned the skills. She always reviewed after class to consolidate. Look, it’s only a moment and the child has started again to practice eating bamboo and grinding teeth.


6 7巧-可打.jpg
“Well, let me think about it, how can I eat as my mom told me?”


So many giant panda star mothers give the on-the-spot teach, does the children master it? Follow the steps of Yuan Run and Qi Qiaoand study hard to learn how to eat, only by which can the babies grow up quickly.





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