Meeting with Newborn Panda Babies 2017
Date: 2018-10-29

One day in September 2017, the Moonlight Delivery House in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding was bustling, crowded with tourists early in the morning. Was there anything important going to happen? It turned out that the newborn panda babies in 2017 would meet with tourists here! A lot of tourists got here and waited outside the playground of the Moonlight Delivery House after hearing the news, hoping to see the lovely babies! It doesn't matter if some of you were not on the scene. Now, please go with me to see this unprecedented pageantry!


A total of 10 panda babies were born in the Base in 2017. Three of them were born in the Sunshine Delivery House, respectively, the male “Jing Liang” born on July 10, and the female twins “Ni Ke” and “Ni Na” on July 20. The other 7 were born in the Moonlight Delivery House, namely, the male twins “Zhi Shi” and “Zhi Ma” born on April 24, the boy and girl twins “Da Mei” and “Cheng Lan” on June 27, the female “Zhen Xi” on July 15, the female “Qing Qing” born on July 22, and the female “Xiao Xin” on July 26.


Before the meeting, the 3 panda babies from the Sunshine Delivery House were taken to the Moonlight Delivery House by the panda keepers, preparing with others in the cabin.


Panda Babies with Keepers in Preparation in the Cabin


Panda Babies on the Ground


Correct Posture to Hold a Panda Cub


Around 10 a.m., the meeting officially began. The keepers took panda babies to the playground in turn, and then put them on the green booth amid the cheering of tourists. The scene was lively and jubilant, and extremely very cute.


Panda Babies and Keepers Ready for Entry




Panda Babies Put on the Booth by the Keepers


The process was not that smooth, because the oldest two and also the leaders in 2017 “Zhi Shi” and “Zhi Ma” can run and jump. As soon as they got out, they were very excited and active, trying to escape from the booth many times and causing the scene once very chaotic. While the twin brothers “Zhi Shi” and “Zhi Ma” succeeded in attracting everyone's attention, their brothers and sisters were just sleeping quietly and acting cutely.


“Zhi” Brothers Ready to Escape from the Booth


“Zhi” Brothers Ready to Escape Again


Brothers and Sisters Left behind by the Successfully Escaped “Zhi” Brothers


Soothing Two Naughty Babies with Honey by Keepers 


Under the temptation of honey, “Zhi Shi” and “Zhi Ma” finally stayed on the stage for a few seconds, leaving a group photo of this meeting reluctantly.



Group Photo of the Newborn Babies in 2017


All right, after the meeting, do you think they are very cute, too?





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