The Friends of Pandas in Chengdu Zoo
Date: 2019-09-23

In the wild, giant pandas have a lot of friends in their habitats who share similar living habits. The red panda, the golden monkey, the takin and the elephodus cephalophus are on the list. However, it is a pity that people can hardly see all of these animals living together in the wild for some of them are really rare, such as takin and elephodus cephalophus. So today the author will take you to visit them in Chengdu Zoo.


First of all, let us go to the enclosure of Golden Monkeys. They are as precious as giant pandas so that they have been classified as an endangered animals by IUCN since 2008. They have golden hairs, blue faces and unique noses, so they are also called snub-nosed monkeys. The super star golden monkey Chengcheng and his family live here.


A Mother and Her Baby


The Monkey King


Then, let us go to visit takins living the next to deers. Takins are listed in the first-class rare animals in China who live in the bamboo forest at altitude of the 2000-4500m. Buds, leaves and bark of plants are their favorite food.


A Male Takin


A Young Takin


Lastly, let us to see elephodus cephalophus. In the wild, they live in mountain areas with the altitude of 900-2600m and live on grass and other plants. Generally, male ones mate with female ones in autumn. And they can only live for 7 years.


A Elephodus Cephalophus Is Squatting on the Ground


A Elephodus Cephalophus is Trying to See the World outside Its Enclosure


If you are interested in these animals, why not go to Chengdu Zoo to visit them. All species relate to each other closely. To protect the friends of giant pandas is to protect giant pandas, and to protect ourselves.




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