One Day of Giant Pandas
Date: 2020-12-22

As the saying goes, one hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. However, in the world of human beings, high stress of modern life makes people very busy. In order to avoid being late in the morning, people even have to set many alarm clocks. No time for morning exercise, skipping breakfast has become a bad habit nowadays. In fact, the lifestyle of giant pandas is far healthier than human's. Now let's see how pandas spend their days.


First, early to bed and early to rise makes a giant panda healthy.


Xiao Xin: Sister Qing Qing, your bottom is way too heavy!


As we all know, visiting giant pandas should be early in the morning in summer, otherwise you can only see the empty yard or the back of the giant pandas. For example, after drinking milk at eight o’clock, panda cubs are playing with friends in the outdoor playground. Climbing trees, and eating flowers are their favorite games. But for pandas under one year old, these exercises makes them too tired. What else do they do then?



A little more sleep will make me feel better.


Mum Xiao Yatou: The naughty children are finally at school and I can have a good rest now.


Second, a meal in the morning is the most important thing.


In fact, although giant pandas eat more than three times a day, they are very serious about eating breakfast. In order to have nutritious bamboo shoots, giant pandas born in 2015and 2016 always will go straight to the breakfast table as soon as they go out in the morning .


Sit in rows and eat bamboo shoots.


Jiao Ao is lost in deep thought: Having breakfast makes me so happy, why don't people like it?


Eating Bamboo Shoots


What happened? No Bamboo shoots now?


Hey, he’s still looking for bamboo shoots. I ate it all.


Like the younger brothers and sisters born in 2017, giant pandas born in 2015 and 2016 also climb up on big trees and sleep after eating breakfast.



It's giant pandas' prerogative to go to bed right after breakfast.


Third, drinking water and having shower.


Different giant pandas have different days. Fu Fu likes to go to drink water sometimes, then lies on a bamboo pile in an enchanting gesture to eat breakfast. He always pays no attention to the crowds. Ying Ying is keen to wash himself before breakfast. And then he will slowly walk to his breakfast table, sit on a bamboo pile, with his back in front of the visitors.


Fu Fu: Drinking a glass of water in the morning is healthy.


Fu Fu: Breakfast time!


Ying Ying: Hey! The water in the bathtub seems a little shallow.


It is like a big steam bun.


Do the demonstrations above inspire you? Following a regular lifestyle is the best way to keep fit. But just like humans, some giant pandas also have the habit of swapping breakfast for sleep, such as an internet celebrity giant panda named Xiong Bang.


Xiong Bang: I want to do nothing but sleep.






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