What happens if panda cubs annoy their mother?
Date: 2021-01-19

In Chinese, there is a saying that "fatherly love is like a mountain, maternal love is like water", such a metaphor cannot be more appropriate. Father's love is steady and rugged, like the mountain to give people an incomparable sense of security; the mother's love is gentle and delicate, like water to moisten the heart. In this way, it is applicable in the world of giant pandas. But one difference is that giant panda cubs are raised only by their mothers and are a lot of hard work for their mothers to raise. When cubs are young, mothers feed them with milk and even lick their bellies to help them defecate and keep their fur clean . The mother does not get much rest, each time the cub climbs away she will pick it up and take a nap together. When the cubs are older, they can walk and run mischievously, and some mothers become annoyed and may even use force to discipline their cubs. What happens if you get angry with your mother?


"Mom loves you, baby. Have a nice dream."


"I told you to stop running. You didn't hear me?"


Giant panda mother's love can be like rain and dew to nourish the cubs, but it also can be a landslide to make babies tremble.


Xiao Yatou is not a first time mother. She is with her cubs, Xiao Xin and Qing Qing in a playground. She is gentle and approachable when breastfeeding. She always patiently teaches skills, like eating bamboo shoots and climbing trees, to her cubs. When the two cubs wrestle mischievously, they will also come to persuade her  to play, one will pull her ears, while one will pull the back of her neck., How harmonious and warm the picture is when she eats with her two cubs. But Xiao Yatou loves to eat very much, it's impossible even for her favorite daughter, Xiao Xin to take bamboo shoots from her. Xiao Yatou, with a paw against Xiao Xin's face, will keep her on the side away from her food. By the way, this is a conventional tactic that many giant panda mothers will use.


Xiao Yatou:Hold on, honey, let me finish first


Xiao Xin tested her mother's patience at dinner and annoyed her. At first, her mother just gently bit her paw and ear and drove her away. Under the condition of Xiao Xin's endless harassment, her mother broke down, and drove  Xiao Xin to the ditch in the corner, then turned around and left. Don't worry, Xiao Xin is fine and climbed up again. A tough girl will not be defeated by such frustration. After being thrown into the ditch twice, Xiao Xin still endlessly looks for trouble, biting and beating against her mother. Do you think her mother is easy to provoke? Wrong! Xiao Xin was finally picked up by her neck, in her mother's mouth, and thrown off the rock pile!


Xiao Yatou: Be honest!


Xiao Yatou: you want to play?


It is not easy to raise a child, and it is even more brain-hurting to raise a naughty kid. The giant panda mother Jing Jing lives in the Sunshine Delivery House. She was happily eating bamboo, while her son, Jing Liang, came to bite the skin on her head. She was shocked and skillfully stretched out her big paws and threw Jing Liang over, and did not even stop to take a glance but continued to eat. Finally, Jing Liang ran away with no fun.


Jing Jing: son means trouble


Jing Jing didn't care too much, but Jing Liang was able to get her angry. Jing Jing wanted to rest quietly, but Jing Liang did not, he teased his mother’s head constantly. At first, good tempered Jing Jing wants to hold her son together while they nap, but that’s a bad idea. Jing Liang constantly struggled and finally annoyed his mother. Jing Liang ran away and climbed up the tree, but his mother came and stood up to bite his hind leg, then pulled him out of the tree. His mother bit his little ear and dragged him away. There's no way for him to do anything except to hook the grass tips with his paws.


Jing Jing: "do you believe I can pull you down without my paws?"


Jing Jing: "do you believe I'm going to turn you into a mop?"


Here are only fragments of Xiao Xin and Jing Liang's lives with their mothers, the same situations happen with other cubs and mothers when the cubs become too playful. There may be times when mothers become annoyed with their unruly cubs, but mostly tenderness and hugs is the norm. Once a small pink ball in the mother's arms, cubs often become a naughty headache. Mother and cubs walk together, eat together, act cute together and even wrestle together. No matter how they have annoyed the mother, they will still be tolerated and loved. So, boys and girls, take advantage of your own independent lives and cherish the time with your mothers.


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