The lively No.1 Enclosure
Date: 2021-07-21
No.1 Enclosure has always been a great place to see pandas. Recently, it has been very lively because of the arrival of giant pandas Ya Zhu, Ya Yun and Wen Wen. They indulge in the feast of bamboo shoots and live a cozy little life here.

Same posture
(From left to right: Ya Yun, Ya Zhu and WenWen)
Sit around and eat bamboo shoots
(From left to right, Wen Wen, Ya Yun, Ya Zhu)

Ya Yun (middle): I am already "full of wine and rice" as the Chinese expression goes.
When eating bamboo shoots together or alone, they will always choose the most comfortable position to enjoy their food.

Wen Wen: Rest your cheek on your right paw, while the left paw holds the bamboo shoots
Wen Wen: It’s the easiest to eat while lying down 
Giant pandas have strict food requirements. The keepers must ensure that the bamboo shoots are fresh enough for the pandas.

Ya Yun: Smell the tasty bamboo first, taste the freshness later
Sometimes, Ya Zhu and Ya Yun will choose a corner and eat bamboo shoots happily together.

The Deep sisterhood
(Ya Yun on the left, Ya Zhu on the right)
What about the "combat power" of pandas? If you keep watching them eat, you will find that the ground is covered with bamboo shoot covers.

Ya Zhu: Being in the "Sea of bamboo shoots"
When you arrive at the lively No. 1 Enclosure, can you find your own "panda bear" in a "sea of bamboo shoots"?


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