Han Han and Tree
Date: 2021-10-22

Ji Xiao looks very cute because of her round head. As a popular star on the internet, Ji Xiao has many nick names like "Ji Han Han", "Tie Han Han" and "Ban Han".


Ji Han Han is very relaxed when she is in the tree. She often likes to make many kinds of poses on the tree. Let's have a look!


Ji Han Han sits on the branch of a tree and laughs


Clinging to the big tree


Resting in the tree and looking down


Standing deftly


Ji Han Han: give me a tree, I can stay for half a day.


"Big guy" sitting posture


Looking around


A serious face


Take the tree as the bed and dream peacefully


Ji Xiao is simple and honest


Daily thin face


A shy smile


Back to the tree


Have a good dream!


Giant pandas like climbing trees. They can avoid danger and also play in the trees. In addition, pandas have sharp claws, which are their secret weapons when they climb trees. As a simple and lovely giant panda, Ji Xiao's story with the tree continues.



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