Tacit partner
Date: 2022-02-24
  Both Run Yue and Ai Jiu, were born on June 5, 2020. The most remarkable feature of Run Yue is that her fur is yellowish, while Ai Jiu, whose birth weight was 219g, is a proper "fat girl". Perhaps because they share the same birthday, the two cubs are tacit partners.

Run Yue
 Ai Jiu
  On this day, Run Yue and Ai Jiu spent time together on the platform, which fully demonstrated their affinity.

  When Ai Jiu took the lead in reaching the top of the shelf, she did not forget to cheer on her good friend.

 Ai Jiu: Run Yue, come on! 

(Ai Jiu above and Run Yue below)


Run Yue: Ai Jiu, you can play with the tree at ease. I'll protect you!

(Run Yue on the left and Ai Jiu on the right)


Ai Jiu and Run Yue poked out their little heads

(Run Yue on the left and Ai Jiu on the right)


 When Ai Jiu needed a break, Run Yue volunteered to become her "warm heart pillow".


Run Yue: Ai Jiu, I am your strong backer!


Ai Jiu: Thank you, Run Yue! I can take a quiet nap!

(Run Yue in front and Ai Jiu in the back)


The silence of the moment brings the two good friends closer

(Run Yue on the left and Ai Jiu on the right)

   Time goes by in a hurry. I hope that through the years, the friendship of the "Jiu Yue duo" will be stronger and last long!

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