"Tiger Spirit" Yuan Yuan
Date: 2022-08-30
A one giant panda year is about the same as three human years. The 18-year-old giant panda Yuan Yuan has long gone through her youth, and now she is full of "tiger spirit". If one word is used to describe the momentum of every move of Yuan Yuan, it is "tiger vitality".
The "tiger spirit" of Yuan Yuan is a kind of decisiveness. Different from the eating method of chewing and swallowing carefully, when she is eating bamboo shoots, from peeling off the shell of bamboo shoots to eating quickly, all actions are neat and complete at one go.
Yuan Yuan: I'm Yuan Yuan. I'll never be sloppy when I eat bamboo shoots!
The "tiger spirit" of Yuan Yuan is a kind of forthright. Without prudence and caution, she even sits calmly and atmospheric when eating.
Yuanyuan: who can win except me!
 When the pleasure brought by delicious food is difficult to describe, you can easily detect the joy and satisfaction of Yuan Yuan. If you feel happy, you smile and show your happy face. Life is so simple.
Yuan Yuan: smile is the best thing to see in a panda, and it is also the shortest distance between panda and panda.
Yuan Yuan is also a giant panda adopted for life by Japan Association For Study of Chinese Traditional Medicines. Her adopted name is "Guan Yuan". If you also like the "tiger spirit" Yuan Yuan, come to the Panda Base to see her! 


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