Run Yue's poetic life
Date: 2022-10-28
In the Panda Base, there is a giant panda named Run Yue who turned her life into poetry.
"Flowers and Zen, relative to each other and forgetting words"
    The golden flower, Osmanthus fragrans, bloom and fall one after another when there is no one there. One after another, the petals fell on the water and flowed with the water. Run Yue smelled the refreshing fragrance, and her heart was calm. Flowers and panda, needless to say, are silently opposite each other, and have their own Zen.
A person of high character does not need some external means (such as a position of power or the help of a powerful person), and he can spread his reputation far and wide.
   The cicadas in Yu Shinan's writings sit high and drink dew, without the help of the autumn wind, and the sound of cicadas naturally spreads far and wide. The giant panda Run Yue also has a clear personality. With his own strength, after climbing up the tree, from the height of the tree, overlooking the wind, he has a graceful and unrestrained charm.
God created my talent, it must be useful, and I can get it again after thousands of gold are spent.
    What is useful? What is useless? Although Run Yue spends most of her time on the seemingly useless task of eating bamboo shoots, she is full of self-confidence: people can be cured just by watching her eat. Zhuang Zi once said that only after you know that it is useless can you talk about usefulness. "So, try to keep your nature and follow nature! If you finish eating bamboo shoots today, will there be tomorrow? Run Yue firmly believes that there will be bottled milk, panda bread, and everything will be there.
 Knowing Run Yue's poetic life, is your heart full of bright sunshine?
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