Panda’s sleeping position
Date: 2023-02-14
March 21 is World Sleep Day. Good sleep can eliminate fatigue and restore abundant energy. In the panda world, except for eating giant pandas spend most of their rest time sleeping. Pandas, which are seemingly cute and clumsy, are actually very flexible. During sleep, they can often put their bodies in various positions, lying flat, lying on their side, stretching or curling up.
He Hua is in the corner of the perch, and she is cute and lovely while she sleeps. When she wakes up, she just lazily opens her eyes and admires the green bamboo forest around her like a dream.

He Hua


  Run Yue likes to sleep on the tree. Through his round belly, people can vaguely feel his "Boss" temperament.


Run Yue


Ai Jiu has a free and easy character. There is a suitable branch on the tall tree, and he will fall asleep laying against it.


Ai Jiu


Chun Sheng's big tree feels safe. He can choose any sleeping position on the sturdy tree.



Chun Sheng


A cub in the Sunshine Nursery was lying on a small wooden bed, sprawled and stretched out. The two cubs nearby silently guard their friends.




Which sleeping position do you like best?


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