Fu Lai's simple life
Date: 2022-12-29

The giant panda Fu Lai was born in 2016 and is the cub of the famous panda mother Qi Fu. She is just like her name, which means “lucky” in English. Fu Lai is a very lucky girl, indeed. She has a lovely puffy face and slightly flying black circles under her eyes. She also has a brother named Fu Shun, who takes good care of her. Fu Lai 's life is simple. Her favorite hobbies are walking and eating bamboo.



Taking a slow walk


Fu Lai 's attitude towards life is very simple. Her favorite food—bamboo, is also simple. In the wild, compared with other foods, bamboo is widely distributed and naturally easy to obtain; Bamboo also grows very fast. Bamboo shoots come out in early spring and late summer every year. Even if there are no bamboo shoots and tender bamboo leaves in winter, giant pandas can eat bamboo stems. In this complicated world, giant pandas can maintain their basic survival only by eating bamboo. Even the "green balls" or poop that they discharge will not pollute the environment.







Eating bamboo happily


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