Calmly Xiang Guo
Date: 2023-03-30
In a flash, the autumn has arrived.
 "Where is the autumn wind coming from? Sends the wild geese away. When lonely people come to the court, they will be the first to hear." The poet Liu Yuxi wrote that the autumn wind came from nowhere, blew through the trees and sent the wild geese away. When the lonely traveler first heard its sound in the morning, the feeling of missing somebody on the journey arose spontaneously. Whether it is the lush vegetation in spring and summer, or the moonlight and snow in autumn and winter, there are always some people or things who first feel the changes brought by the passage of time between the wind and rain. In the Panda Base, although the giant panda Xiang Guo also feels the arrival of autumn, he always calmly faces the change of seasons.

Play calmly


Eat bamboo leisurely


Enjoy the autumn scenery slowly (Left Chun Sheng and Right Xiang Guo)


Play with water leisurely


Orange yellow and orange green, the autumn wind is blowing. In the cool autumn weather, it's better to come to the Panda Base for a day to enjoy the leisurely panda Xiang Guo with your family!


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