Missing In Autumn
Date: 2023-11-23
“The tide rises and falls
Life can also be spent slowly like this
But you must also think of me sometimes, right
As the tide rises and falls”, Xi Murong quietly expresses her longing in her modern poem "Silent Song". In the early autumn when the night is getting longer and the breeze is blowing, when the heat gradually fades and dewdrops leap onto the grass, which panda will you miss in your heart?
Are they Huan Cai and Bei Chen? On the same big tree, they found a suitable position for themselves and welcomed the coolness of autumn together.
Bei Chen And Huan Cai
Is it Ya Song, Ya Li's cub with a thoughtful little cotton jacket with a small pinch of black hair on her nose? At over two years old, she can now independently and proficiently break open hard bamboo poles.
Ya Song
Is it handsome He Ye? When the sun rises in the east, in the brilliant morning light, he begins a brand new day with vibrance and vitality.
He Ye
Or is it Ai Si who looks quite like a little fox? A panda that silently stays in a small corner, eating bamboo, calmly and gracefully
Ai Si
Autumn is coming, who is missing you?
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