“Wu Yi”: A New Member of "Panda Toys with Their Stories"
Date: 2018-10-17

The giant panda Wu Yi is a famous panda star in the world. He has an unusual growth history. It was born with a weight of only 1/3 grams of its twin brother, 51 grams, so it Is called “Wu Yi”. In Chinese, “Wu” equals “5”, and “Yi” means “1”. He was a ultralight premature infant abandoned by his mother"Qi Zhen". Through unremitting efforts of the keeper, he survived. Wu Yi’s survival not only witnesses the miracle of captive panda breeding, but also belongs a drop in the ocean in countless panda protection stories.So the new member "Wu Yi" is added in the "Panda Toys with Their Stories".It is hoped that through the story of Wu Yi, people will increase their support for panda care and conservation, and transfer the positive energy of love to more people.


Three-Day-Old Wu Yi (on the Right) and His Twin Brother


Twelve-Year-Old Wu Yi in Panda Valley


Thinking About His Life


“Wu Yi”: A Panda Toy with His Story


All Members of "Panda Toys with Their Stories"


Scanning the QR code, you can find "Wu Yi"'s homepage, which includes his videos, pictures and a documentary of him, to know more about him.


A Donator and "Wu Yi" Panda Toy


More information about Giant Panda Wu Yi will be available by scanning the QR code on the panda toy.




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