Panbassadors Xin Er & Mao Sun
Date: 2019-08-01

On 4. April, panbassadors Xin Er & Mao Sun landed on Denmark and began a new life in a fairy tale kingdom.


Panbassador Xin Er is an active and intelligent boy born on August 23, 2013. Because the top of Xin Er’s head looked very flat from the front side in his childhood, he has the nickname “Little Flat Head.”


“Little Flat Head” Xin Er


Naughty Xin Er is energetic and active all the time, starting when he lived with his mother in his childhood and continuing with his friends after leaving his mother. It seems that he isn’t quiet unless he’s eating. But no matter how naughty he is, his mother still loves him, and his friends still like to play with him. Maybe it is Xin Er’s magic.


Mum: “Come on, naughty guy!”


Xin Er(middle) Eating Breakfast with Friends


Xin Er Enjoys Bamboo Shoots with Friend (Photograph: Official Wechat account of Shanghai Zoo)


Panbassador Mao Sun is a lovely and sunny girl born on July 26, 2014. Mao Sun is a well-known panda on the internet for a Photobomb Event: in the group picture of new-born pandas in 2016, Mao Sun, who lives in the next enclosure, was hanging in a tree and accidentally photobombed.


Mao Sun was photobombing by accident.


As we can see, Mao Sun loves climbing trees and is in good physical health. She can stand well on her hind legs- even better than some male pandas.


Mao Sun Sleeping on the Tree


Good girl!


Just a piece of cake to find the apple for Mao Sun.


Thanks to her high popularity and lovely characteristics, Mao Sun wons the Gold Award of FAVORITE PANDA IN CHINA in Giant Panda Global Awards 2018.


Mao Sun’s trophy (Photograph: Giant Panda Global)


Copenhagen Zoo, the new home of these two panbassadors, is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. We believe that Xin Er and Mao Sun will enjoy a wonderful life there.





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