Panda class—California Sunshine Aibao Kindergarten in Xindu District
Date: 2019-11-12

The children, parents and teachers of the California Sunshine Aibao kindergarten came to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and participated in the "Panda Class" activity sponsored by the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research foundation on June 11, 2019. This activity included a Panda Base tour, science knowledge lecture ,make the "panda cake" activity and the giant panda theme painting activity which provided a different experience for the children.


Group photo of the participants at the gate of the Panda Base


Panda Foundation staff give instructions to the participants


Let's begin!


First, we held a donation ceremony at the new museum. The children put their donations into the donation boxes.



A speech was given by a parent representative


In the speech, the parents’ representatives said that they hope that the children can further recognize the value of life by participating in the “Panda Class” and respect and cherish life.


A speech was given by the Foundation Representative


Children take a photo with their donation certificate


After the donation ceremony, the Panda Base tour officially began! During this tour, the children were divided into two groups, each group was guided by an educator. By observing the giant pandas, the children can learn about the living habits of this "national treasure" and their living environment. All so that they can get closer to nature, love animals, and care for the environment.


Observing giant pandas


Panda Foundation staff answer questions


After the tour, the two groups of children alternately experienced how to make "panda cake" and participated in the panda theme painting activities.


Do it yourself, you'll have a lot of fun


Carefully complete the production


Different shapes of the "panda cake" were made!


At the same time, another group of children picked up the markers and carefully created the giant panda in their minds.




Children show their pictures


Panda class begins!


I found it! The giant panda is here!



A serious little audience


Teacher, I know the answer!


A group photo


I believe that after this "Panda Class" activity, The children certainly gained a lot. And hope that while harvesting knowledge, children can also gain a sense of love, nature, and life.




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