Panda Class for the Anglo-Singapore International School
Date: 2019-07-17

July 16, 2019 was a rainy day. In the morning, the instructor from the Panda Foundation's "Panda Class" received the teachers and students of the Anglo-Singapore International School to begin their panda class journey.


Students from the Anglo-Singapore International School Arrive at Panda Base.


The Panda Foundation instructor leads the group and shares panda stories.


During the tour, the students were divided into two groups, A and B. Each group was led by a Panda Foundation instructor to visit different routes. Although the weather was not good, the enthusiasm of the students to learn about giant pandas remained unchanged. Giant pandas usually go into estrus in the late winter/early spring and give birth in summer. During this summer, panda cubs were born in succession in the Base. Among all the routes chosen by the Panda Foundation instructor, pupils can see the new born cubs, which adds a lot of excitement to the Base.


After the tour, we held a donation ceremony in the popular science classroom. The charitable donations were collected by a student representative and given to the panda "Dou dou".


Charitable donations were given to "Dou dou".


the Panda Foundation instructor explained how the donations will be used to conserve giant pandas.


After the donation ceremony, the elaborate panda class began. Considering that most of the students who participated in this activity came from Thailand and Singapore, the Panda Foundation instructor of this class gave a full course in English. By sharing our knowledge of giant pandas this way we hope that the students can further understand this precious species and enhance their awareness of conserving animals and the environment.


During the demonstration section, the science instructors set three questions while showing the incubator used for newborn cubs: how to keep the cub warm, what is the food for the cub and how to help the cub defecate.


The students took an active part in the demonstrations of the class


Does the giant panda have sharp canine teeth?


The students were deeply interested by the wonderful explanations


A little gift


After the class, the teacher from the Anglo- Singapore International School was interviewed by the Panda Foundation. In the interview, the teacher said that the panda class was very meaningful. The interactive activities further deepened the understanding of Chinese culture. At the same time, the students are expected to share what they have seen and heard with other students when they return home, so that more people can know and understand the value of giant pandas and conserving wildlife. In their daily life, they are also expected to remember what they learned about giant pandas and protect the environment in which they live.


The Panda Foundation interviewed the teacher from the Anglo Singapore International School.


A group photo of the participants.




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