“Panda Class”in the Panda House of Xining Wildlife Park in 2019
Date: 2020-02-03

On September 21to 22, 2019,"Panda Class" came to the Panda House of Xining Wildlife Park,bringing a fun and interactive experience of popular science education to the friends who came to participate in the activity.


The photo of our science teachers and the staff atthe Panda House



The science teachers decorated the surrounding areas.


In this "Panda Class",our science teachers combined the growth and feeding habits of giant pandas with modern art, as well as the interesting "panda fishing" activities to let everyone realize the difference between "positive animal training" and animal performance.




A science teacher introduced the knowledge of giant pandas tovisitors.


At the end of the class, we also invited a panda keeper who came from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to explain the special use of "panda bread".




A panda keeper introduced the “panda bread”.


Actually,"Panda bread " is made of corn, oats, soybeans and other grains. Without any added sugar and salt, it smells great, but the taste is rough and bland. However, because of its rich nutrition, "panda bread" is an indispensable refined feed for giant pandas every day.


“panda fishing”


"Panda bread"not only supplementsthe nutrition for giant pandas, but also plays a key role in "panda fishing" - -attracting giant pandas to stand up.Since captive giant pandas spend almost half of their time eating and the other half sleeping, their daily activity is not enough."Panda fishing" can effectively improve the activity of the giant pandas, and can improve the relatively weak hindlimb strength of the giant pandas. This is conducive to improving the mating success rate of the giant pandas in adulthood. It is a kind of positive training that looks happy and interesting and is completely beneficial to the giant pandas.Science teachers introduced to the participants that "Panda fishing" and animal performance are two totally different activities, the latter is a form of performance that violates the natural behavior of animals and has disadvantages to animals.


Thanks to Xining Wildlife Park and Xining Panda House again for their strong supportduring the trip to Xining, we hadsuccessfully carried out the "Panda Class" in a short time, so that more students and tourists can understand the special features of the giant panda. 




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