"Panda Class"Entered in Xi Ning Nan Da Jie Primary School
Date: 2020-02-19

On September 20, with the goal to form "connections"betweenthe Xining Panda House and the "Panda Class",a special team of publiceducation from the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundationcame to Xining Nandajie Primary School. Here,they brought two fun-filled"panda classes" for the teachers and students, one for grade 3 and the other for grade 5.




The children in grade 3 were full of curiosityfor everything.They carefully answered every question that was putforward by the science teacher.


Students: "We felt together and then discussed what container of furbelongs to the panda?"


A Student: "Teacher, this containerof fur should be the panda’s!"




The students of grade 5 became more lively, and the interaction with the science teachers was very happy.


The classmates: "Teacher, this is our reward for the correct answers!"


Grade 5 group photo



Ms Song,principal of Xining Nandajie Primary School, expressed the hope that such activities could be carried out moreoftenwhileexpressing her gratitude to Panda Foundation.


The representative of the Panda Foundation presentedscience education books to the school.


The whole "Panda Class"brought a brand new lesson to students of Xining South Street Primary School with a novel classroom form. The lovely information about giant pandas excited the children. From the initial naming of the giant panda to the evolution of the giant panda, even the teachers in the back row were making notes carefully, listening, recording and learning. This class opened up a new understanding of "the panda came to the qinghai-tibet plateau". It was like planting a seed and hoping it would sprout all year round.






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