To Tell Giant Pandas Apart by Their Faces
Date: 2015-01-27

All pandas look charmingly naive and very adorable. However, you may have trouble telling them apart because of their similar faces. Do you feel curious about how the breeders distinguish them from one another other? To help you out, here are a few types of panda faces that are relatively easy to recognize.

The first type is the“big face.” Mei Lan, the male panda acting as an ambassador to promote the “Earth Hour” campaign, has a typical big face. As a returnee from abroad, Mei Lan has a crude “big face” which is characterized by fluffy fur and a plump bright nose, which makes it look like a blooming sunflower. People think type of face is very lovable. It is a baby face that will not grow old. Mei Lan’s face is a sunshine panda like a blooming sunflower and does not stick to trifles. Although American staff thought little Mei Lan was a female panda and gave him a female name, it has not had any impact on his current happy life at all.


Mei Lan with an always happy “big face”

The second type is the simple and honest “square face”. The representative of this type of face is “Er Xi”. Er Xi is a male giant panda born in 2010. His mother is “Er Yatou”, the first beauty and gentlewoman on the base, and his father is “Qiu Bang” from Bang family of Japan. Er Xi’s face is fair and clear like his mother’s face and he has the long and tall bridge of nose from his father’s family. As such his whole face has edges and corners and looks steady. Er Xi is as quiet as his mother, looking gentle and cultivated. He projects gentility, and thus receives many favorable comments from his breeders.

Er Xi, a male panda with a “square face”


The third type is the delicate face. Our representative is the pampered female “Ya Yun”. Ya Yun was born in 2010 and is the youngest daughter of “Ya Ya”. Because Ya Ya gave birth to Ya Yun at an old age, she did her best to look after and love Ya Yun, making Ya Yun become the one among all Ya Ya’s children who lived with Ya Ya for the longest time. Ya Yun lived with her mother until she was two years and four months old. As a pampered female, Ya Yun is very delicate and pretty. Her ears and nose are small, the dark circle of her eyes is shorter than that of other pandas. The fur on her face is also short and is slightly red, making her look like a baby that does not grow up. However, as time has passed, Ya Yun has grown up to be a charming and beautiful lady.

Ya Yun with a “delicate face”

The fourth way of identifying a giant panda is by its behavior. One of the best “dancers” among giant pandas is “Shu Qing”. If you see a panda is shaking its head left and right and moving rhythmically, you are watching Shu Qing. Shu Qing has been “Xi Shi (a very beautiful woman in Chinese ancient times)” among pandas since a blooming age. Her face is nearly a circle. She has typical five sense organs, a mellow and full nose, a fatter body but beautiful posture. Although beauties continue appearing in the world of giant pandas, Shu Qing still looks attractive as a senior “beauty among giant pandas”.

Shu Qing has become a mother but is still as beautiful as ever.

I hope that you can learn how breeders identify pandas from these pictures and words. Then, can you tell them apart when visiting pandas next time.


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